GPS Spoofing Detector
Key Customers
Mobile Communication Providers
Power Industry/ Rail Industry
ISP Service Providers/ Transmission Network

Basic Informations

Model IS4200
Type GPS Spoofing Detector

Product Overview

GPS Spoofing Detector is a device that always delivers accurate timing to slave device. It provides precision timing to slave device through GPS signal using PTP and other methods during its normal use (NTP, ToD, IRIG-B, DTMF), and during GPS disturbance, its integrated GPS Spoofing Detector redirects the source signal from GPS to PTP Grandmaster for time synchronization.

GPS Spoofing Detector

Product Features

  • Lock to PTP master based on PTP standard protocol
  • Up to 2 ports 100/1000Mbps for PTP clients interface
  • Supporting up to 2 IP domains for PTP clients
  • Supporting BMCA based on PTP standard
  • Up to 64 clients at 128/sec PTP rate
  • Hardware-based PTP packet processing, No performance degradation and accuracy
  • 10MHz, 1PPS signals out via BNC ports
  • ToD signal out via IRIG-B, RS232 ports
  • IRIG-B000/B120 type by factory option
  • DC or AC power by factory option
  • CLI management

Applied Fields

  • 4G/LTE-FDD/TDD, LTE-Advanced networks
  • Ethernet backhaul Networks
  • WiMAX backhaul Networks
  • Passive Optical Network(PON)
  • Electric power network: Substation


PTP master interface

  • RJ45 modular, IEEE802.3 physical IF
  • 100M/1000M base Ethernet
  • PTP over IPv4
  • Fully comply with IEEE1588v2-2008 standard


  • Case size : 438 x 264.6 x 86.8 mm (WxDxH)
  • 2U rack mountable


  • Operating temperature : 0 ~ 50℃
  • Operating humidity : 0 ~ 90%
  • RH non-condensing
  • Storage temperature : -40 ~ +70℃

Power Supply

  • Factory option : AC or DC input
  • AC input : 220Vac±10% @60Hz
  • DC input : -42 ~ -60Vdc
  • Power consumption : Max 35W

I/O Port in Rear Panel

  • Monitoring
  • - 1PPS output: 50Ω BNC [Female] x4
  • - 10MHz clock output: 50Ω BNC [Female] x1
  • IRIG-B out : 50Ω BNC [Female] x4
  • ToD out : RS232, RJ45 x4

I/O Port in Front Panel

  • PTP-S, PTP-M : RJ45 modular, 100M/1000M
    copper, Ethernet
  • CLI : RS232, RJ45
  • Management
  • - RJ45 modular, 100M/1000M copper,
    Ethernet (MGMT)

Monitoring Output

  • 10MHz clock : LVTTL, disable by
  • 1PPS : LVTTL, disable by configuration
  • IRIG-B000 : LVTTL, 100pps
  • IRIG-B120 : AM Sinewave, 100pps

IEEE1588v2 PTP Master Interface(PTP-S)

  • Up to 128 PTP messages per second per
  • PTP over IPv4
  • Best Master Clock Algorithm(BMCA), with
    default profile. Supporting Alternate Master
  • IEEE1588v2 PTP End-to-End

IEEE1588v2 PTP Master Interface (PTP-M)

  • Up to 128 PTP messages per second per
  • PTP over IPv4
  • 1 or 2 step PTP mode